1. Jake & Jonty

  2. Phil

  3. Jonty

  4. From my series ‘Social Median’

    Jake Olah

  6. Part of a series that was made for one of my uni projects. It’s a series that looks at natures role within the city and I was exploring ways of communicating ideas visually without text. A little different from what I usually shoot and there’s a graphical element to all of them but I really enjoyed just being able to photograph where I live. I may post a couple more from this series…

  7. Getting some images prepped for my printed portfolio, decided to rework some old out takes, which I’ll post up later.

    I’ve been a little quiet lately and haven’t taken many photos as I’ve been helping a fellow student with the shooting and editing of a documentary, its been a long process but its nearly finished :)

    Hopefully should be shooting something this weekend as well…

  9. Thought I’d look back at the 5 shoots I’ve had with Tendai Moyo for classicorporate. Its been roughly 3 months since our first shoot and we’ve both worked really hard to collaborate and get all these shots. Shooting in the cold, wet and windy streets of Manchester has not been easy. Thankfully I feel its all been worthwhile and I Look forward to our next collaboration, hopefully we’ll get some sun!

  10. Model: Tendai Moyo


  12. Model: Tendai Moyo